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Taimanin RPG Extasy is now available on PC and mobile devices
Game gacha has two versions, one for all ages released on Steam and mobile devices and another for adults released on Johren and Nutaku
Kunoichi Demon Slayers - Apocalyptic RPG is out for PC
You will have to control three beautiful ninja warriors in the not too distant future, facing demons that brought destruction to the world.
Sengoku Dynasty - New update adds Agriculture to the game
Cultivate your dynasty in the rich soil of feudal Japan!
"Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs" will be released for PC via Steam
Roguelike RPG, where to save Kogarashi you must explore the dungeons while enjoying the thermal baths!
Cult of the Lamb will get a new free content update
New update will be free and will arrive in early 2024 bringing several new features, stories and much more to the game
Chaotic racing game "Make Way" hits PC on December 4th
Build your own tracks alongside your friends, using a wide variety of obstacles and pieces to unlock and test
“My Academy’s Special Place” arrives on PC in December
Final chapter of the visual novel franchise developed by Feng
Visual Novel "Animal Trail Girlish Square 2'" will Be Released in December
Visual Novel about cute idols with animal ears who are also magical girls!
Noctuary - Isometric action-adventure game hits PC on November 28th
Adventure with two protagonists, as you improve your skills, defeat ferocious monsters and ensure peace in your community!
"Kagura Genesis: Kuon's Story" will be released for PC via Steam in Johren on January 26
Defeat and recruit youkai in random dungeons in this replay-focused roguelike RPG!
Reshape history and build the world anew in "Kaiserpunk"
Grand strategy, city-building game that takes place in an alternative 20th century.
Rusted Moss hits consoles in Spring 2024!
Find creative ways out of challenges with multiple solutions using a 360° targeting system
New metroidvania "Blade Chimera" arrives on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2024
When the past catches up with you in many ways, desolation becomes strength.
Raccoo Venture – Beautiful spiritual successor to the 3D platform genre gets full version on December 14th
The game was in development for 5 years and will now be released in full version for PC and consoles
Robots at Midnight - Discover this retro-futuristic action RPG where you will fight colossal monsters and satirical robots!
Game will be released for PC via Steam, Microsoft Store and Xbox Series X/S on a date yet to be announced
Our Life on Water - Simulation RPG set in a floating city on the Mekong River in Southeast Asia
Take on the role of a visionary and sage to save and heal the wounds of your community
Visual Novel "Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus" will be released in November
The story follows a group of magical girls who work as idols to recover their energy using people's joy.
My Little Universe - New video celebrates successful launch and details future plans
Plans for new content that will expand the expedition with new secrets to discover, dungeons and characters starting in 2024
Mariachi Legends - Mexican Metroidvania is funded in record time on Kickstarter
Ambitious and impressive game filled with Latin folklore themes is being developed for PC
TEVI - Bullet-hell Metroidvania just got a launch trailer
Trailer shows new characters, environments and lots of action that players will have to face!
Watch 23 minutes of "Paranoid" gameplay
In the video we can see an extensive idea of what the game will be like, as it shows a lot of details about its gameplay and setting.
Sengoku Dynasty's Farming Update is now live
A New Village, Crop Farming, and New Quests Announce New Farming Updates Phase
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