Review | Hades II
Death to Chronos!
GINKA Analysis – Frontwing’s New Visual Novel
Love story about a boy who returns to his hometown on an island and finds a long-lost childhood friend
Review: Wildfrost - A new, fun and addictive roguelike deck building game
Face the perils of eternal winter using a gorgeous array of cards and elemental companions
Test your skills in Cyber Protocol, a Retro Puzzle game that is coming to a Steam and Nintendo Switch
Go through 100 skillfully created levels to test your skills and reflexes to the fullest
Deadside: A promising game released perhaps too soon
Game has an interesting atmosphere but with few things that justify the early launch
Visiting the Past # 1: World of Goo - One of the games that showed the power of Indies
Game used innovative mechanics and showed how indies could surprise with simple things!
Developers are increasingly allowing themselves to be censored by the Internet patrol
Due to the fashion of being offended by everything, developers have been increasingly afraid to express themselves through their games...
Naruto is going to die in Boruto? Or is it not?
Many events can seal Naruto's fate!
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