Some questions have been asked by Naruto fans since Boruto started serializing. Some of the main ones are: What end will Naruto have? Will he die? and How would Naruto die having so much power?

As Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been adapting the story of Naruto's son, we will see over time his development and growth, as the anime itself already showed in the first episode, Boruto will be big and will face a great challenge, Kawaki, a powerful enemy and former ally, who apparently managed to destroy the entire Leaf Village. To achieve this we must think that Kawaki will face great ninjas that protect the village, like Shikamaru, Sakura and the dozens of other characters that we saw in Naruto Shippuden, including Sasuke and of course the Seventh Hokage: Naruto.

Many questions should appear and will be answered during Boruto's anime, so that in the end we understand what will happen. But the question "is Naruto going to die?" is the one that hangs most in the minds of the fans, and everyone speculates an answer, and we ask ourselves: How?

With the absurd power that Naruto obtained at the end of Naruto Shippuuden, it is difficult to imagine that there is another more powerful character who can defeat him. Think about the fact that the passage of time made him even more powerful, having more skills and affinity with the Kurama chakra, because by the time of the Fourth Great Ninja War shown in Shippuuden, he had practically just learned to use this power, so it’s very difficult to imagine what level he reached, and we know then that he’s probably the strongest ninja of all.



In the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we see the clash between Boruto and Kawaki, and confidently Kawaki says that that will send him where Naruto is, until then it may be a reference that he will kill Boruto, because for him to have managed to destroy the whole village, he would have to face Naruto first and be able to kill him.

But remember that in the world of Naruto we have been shown that there are several dimensions, and with the right powers transiting between them can be a reality. This is done by Kaguya during the ninja war, and it is also done by Sasuke. Something that opens up the possibility that Naruto might not be dead.

Facing Naruto would not be an easy task for anyone, and as we are seeing in Boruto's anime and manga, where Kawaki and Boruto are younger, Kawaki went to live in Naruto's house and will be trained by him, this training can teach you a lot , but certainly not enough for him to face Naruto with all his might.

But an interesting detail was revealed in chapter 34 of the manga, where it shows that the possessors of karma, are a kind of receptacle for the power of the Otsutsuki, as Boruto and Kawaki have this mark, both may possess powers and abilities different from those imaginable in ninjas common.


Dead or not?

We saw how I mentioned that Kaguya and Urashiki could change dimensions, and we also saw that Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Toneri had the power to absorb enemies' jutsus and chakra. We don't know if through Karma Boruto and Kawaki will be able to access these abilities, but we can speculate that if Kawaki could absorb the chakra of enemies in the future, he could use this ability to weaken Naruto. Using the affinity he is creating with Boruto's family, Kawaki could thus cause everyone in the village to fall into a trap, thus decimating Vila da Folha.

Another possibility would be to transport Naruto to another dimension, since he did not make it clear in his sentence when telling Boruto "that he will send him to where Naruto is" that he has actually killed Naruto. Naruto has no ability to move between dimensions, and to hold his power, this would be a perfect trap to trap him without much difficulty, but only if Kawaki lures him into a trap.

What do you think Kishimoto

Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto, today works supervising Boruto's manga, which is authored by the duo Ukyou Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto, and has already made it clear in an interview on Weekly Shonen Jump, that the manga and independent of the original story and can go as you please, because they are different times and as several elements in it are original the story can be created with freedom.

"I see no problem with a character who has always been around to die in Boruto," said Kishimoto

About Naruto dying Kishimoto left it in general terms, as he would expect it to happen.

"I just think it would be a problem if the character died from a stray bullet or an explosion," concludes Kishimoto, laughing.


Boruto's manga still has a lot to show us, and we will see the development of these new characters that have great chances of being incredible.

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