The world of content creators is much more complex than one might imagine, many become successful quickly and others have to follow thorny and tortuous paths to stay afloat. This is the case of Darcie Richards, a 28-year-old woman, who invested in creating content about masonry, a skill she learned from her father.

After more than five years of trying to leverage her content and seeing that it was becoming obsolete, Darcie decided it was time to take a new direction, and bet on something that could give her a real financial return while spicing things up : OnlyFans.


According to her in an interview with New York Post:

I thought, "I want to make more money. What could I do to completely shake the hornet's nest?" ... "So I thought I'd start an OnlyFans page."

And the move paid off, as she now earns approximately $20,000 a month through the adult site alone. Not to mention, his best week on OnlyFans earned him $12,340.

But the change of content did not go without problems. According to Darcie, she had to deal with a lot of hateful comments that attacked her for her decision. Some like: "I used to be a serious influencer of feminine construction and now I resort to this nonsense.".

Where Darcie responded:

I was also a waitress and worked at Subway, a hairdresser, a kitchen porter, a furniture factory, an animal sanctuary... what's your point? Who says I have to stay in one profession and never leave or try to run my own business or work for myself or make more money...?


Even with some negative reactions, Darcie said she learned to deal with it, and to block the hateful content she received. The young construction worker also said that she has her mother's support in her decision to create content for OnlyFans. According to her mother:

Darcie hasn't changed a bit about herself. She is still our daughter, she is still exactly the same as before. Except she disappears into her room for three or four hours and then (earns) five times as much as the boys who have been working hard at the construction site.
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