Shiravune has announced that it will release Destiny Star Girlfriend, an adult-themed visual novel developed by mirai. The game will come to Steam and Johren still in 2023!


The game is an erotic comedy visual novel, winner of the Moe Game Award, and follows the story of Seiji, a high school student trapped by an enchanted “red thread of fate” measuring one meter in length. his longtime crush, Yuuri. One day at school, Seiji was attacked by strange space demons, and his crush, Yuuri, appears to save the day, using her magical girl powers, she easily defeats the enemy, but an ambush causes both of them to be on the brink of death.. Fortunately, Miss Fujiko steps in with an enchanted thread to bind their life forces together, saving them from certain death. But over the next three months, as Seiji and Yuuri slowly recover, the two must stay within three feet of each other or risk snapping their "red thread of fate". This means that they must now move in together, pretend to be a couple and avoid the suspicions of their classmates. But even though Yuuri claims to be a "stronghold of a woman," her natural powers of seduction quickly result in awkward situations that test Seiji's sanity and self-control. Now with the girl of his dreams just inches away, will he finally muster up the courage to declare himself?


Destiny Star Girlfriend is, at its core, a story of pure love, told through the eyes of magical girls, with a few twists, with space demons and an interdimensional war!

The game already has a Steam page where you can see more details and add it to your wish list.


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