Yesterday during the most recent State of Play, Sony dropped a new trailer for Stellar Blade. The video brings more of the game's combat, in addition to its exploration and story, with a varied cast of enemies and characters and finally we have the reveal of the release date, which will be April 26, 2024.


Stellar Blade is a hack'n slash, and was announced in September 2022 with the codename Project Eve. In the game you control the protagonist Eve, after she and her companions land on the surface of the Earth, which is now devastated, their mission is to restore it but they end up coming across a survivor called Adam, who takes Eve to Xion, the last city of the humans, where she meets Orcal, a leading person in the city, from whom she hears many stories. To fulfill the mission of saving Earth, Eve will meet the main inhabitants of Xion and help them rebuild the city. In the mission to save Earth from the invaders known as NA:tive, Eve can also help the population of Xion, but it is up to you, when playing, to decide whether to do so or not.


Stellar Blade aims to deliver fast gameplay with the option to dodge or defend/repel attacks from monsters known as "NA:tives". There are also different types of combos that you can execute at the right time, as well as special abilities to add variety during combat. And be careful with the bosses, they are on a completely different level compared to regular NA:tives and will offer challenging and strategic confrontations.

Shift Up is widely known for its gachas, such as Goddess of Victory: NIKKE which has been growing more every day, and Destiny Child which was released for mobile devices (and which was recently closed). The development team is made up of members who also worked on games like Magna Carta on the PlayStation 2, where you'll notice some of the character design influences from character designer Kim Hyung-tae.

Stellar Blade will officially arrive on PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024.

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