Sekai Project announced during Anime Central 2023 that it will publish two novel visual novels developed by Whrilpool, Animal Trail Girlish Square Love +Plus and Animal Trail Girlish Square 2. Both will be released for PC soon, as both games are going through the company's quality control.

Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus is a fandisc with short stories of the characters from the first game Animal Trail Girlish Square. The stories focus on Haneru and Tetora. Animal Trail Girlish Square 2 is a sequel to the original game, released in August 2022, in which the story revolves around the heroines Shirayuki and Kumi.


The story of the franchise follows Nakamori Taiga, an otaku who works in a shop in Akiba, he has an obsession with an emerging group called Animal Trail Girlish Square, much to his surprise, one night he tries to spy on the group during a rehearsal, ended up seeing sparkles that appeared and turned into magical beings. He then discovers that the girls in the group are actually magical girls. Now knowing his secret, they pursue him and decide to use him to help gather energy from humans and become renowned idols. So he becomes a kind of producer and entrepreneur, but certainly not just that.


Both games originally feature adult content, but upon Steam launch this content will likely be removed, arriving via patch later.

The first game in the franchise, Animal Trail Girlish Square was released last year by Sekai Project.

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