To celebrate Rabi-Ribi's 8th birthday, GemaYue lead developer at CreSpirit released a note detailing various plans for his projects. The new one begins with a thank you to the support of fans and players in the community and also announces a new Rabi-Ribi project.


Plans for a Rabi-Ribi 2 are already underway, with the system's base code already being developed. After the completion of the TEVI DLC, the team's focus will shift to this new project which will now feature a larger team, not only GemaYue as in the first game, development will also feature with the experience gained during the development of TEVI.

The new project will feature a greater adjustment in the plot's dialogue and interactions between characters, it will also feature new gameplay that for now is a secret. But it has already been announced that new badass and funny animations have already been ordered to be used while exploring the map.

GemaYue also used the note to inform the launch of several items for users' Steam profiles, where they can be purchased in the store with Steam Points.

The launch of Rabi-Ribi Platinum Edition was also announced, which will arrive in 2024 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch! This version includes the main game, the digital artbook and the DLC's "Cicini's Halloween!", "Is the order a DLC?", "CocoaMode & Before Next Adventure", "Orchestra Music Mode & Skin" and "Tevi x Rabi-Ribi Collab Costume Skin".

Rabi-Ribi was originally released in 2016 for the PC Via Steam, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, the game puts players in control of Erina, a rabbit who was transformed into a human being and wakes up in a strange world. Throughout her adventure, she will face many enemies, but will also make new friends as she searches for a way to transform back to normal.


In Rabi-Ribi players will be able to explore the world and improve their skills while fighting various enemies. The game has 4 difficulties, over 60 upgradeable items, and a vast amount of bosses waiting to eliminate Erina.

During the game, Erina's skills can be upgraded along with her weapon. While the simpler enemies may not be a big problem, the game's bosses are unique and have their own personality and way of fighting.

Rabi-Ribi is now available for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


If you don't know, TEVI is the latest game released by CreSpirit and will now be available on PC and Nintendo Switch. The game offers a classic 2D metroidvania structure: a giant world to explore with lots of enemies to eliminate, lots of items and abilities to collect. Aligned with top-notch pixel art and a captivating soundtrack, the game is packed with its rhythmic and well-balanced rhythm. You can perfectly adapt to the stages and new monsters that appear as you explore the maps further and further.


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