How fast time passes. This week, Grand Theft Auto V, one of the biggest releases to date in the entertainment industry, completed 10 years since its first official announcement in 2011.

On October 25, Rockstar showed the official GTA V logo for the first time, in addition to announcing the date of the first trailer for the game, which arrived on November 2 of the same year.

While the GTA franchise has always been an entertainment monster, probably not even Rockstar would have expected the fifth game in the series to be such a hit.

Even after 10 years since its announcement, it's easy to find the game in the best sellers of the month list in different countries and platforms. It's a really remarkable thing for a game to keep its strength even after so many years.

Still, with all this success, many players were disappointed by the company's lack of release. During that 10-year period, the company has only released Red Dead Redemption 2, but so far we've had no indication that GTA VI is close to being announced.

To at least delight GTA fans, Rockstar recently announced a remastered compilation of three franchise classics, GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, which will be released in November 11th for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. A mobile version for iOS and Android will arrive in 2022.

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