And we're in the middle of the Halloween season and for Bethesda Softworks and id Software, it should be the perfect time to announce their FPS news favorite infernal, DOOM Eternal, who will receive the 6.66 update... that's a catchy number to say that companies are bringing new things to the game on October 26th.

Highlighting the Horde Mode, which pits the player against endless waves of diabolic demons, and even though it's not a big news in the gaming world, it does the job of improving the game's replay factor.


Included in the free 6.66 patch, the update will also feature BATTLEMODE 2.0 and two new master levels.

Released in DOOM Eternal March 2020, the game is the direct sequel to the previous game, and features the Doom Slayer, affectionately called the Doomguy, again on a mission to grind and be the devils' biggest nightmare in the underworld. In this new game Doom Slayer you'll have to save the world from a demonic invasion, and you'll use your brutality again to crush everything that lies ahead. The game added new mechanics making the gameplay much more accelerated, with the option of the hook to be able to vertically enjoy the map, and in addition to new weapons and customizations. It's also good to mention the immense amount of enemies, with monsters taken from every game in the franchise and new terribly brutal demons.

DOOM Eternal is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC. The new 6.66 update will be released on October 26th.

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