Since the exotic architecture of the PlayStation 3, there is always a persistent concern that Sony could invent a console that is impossible to work with. When announcing the PlayStation 4, system architect Mark Cerny addressed that point directly, and while most studios have suggested that they are enthusiastic about the PlayStation 5, there have been some rumors that the Japanese giant's next-generation hardware is a head to work with - particularly with regard to Resident Evil Village.

Speaking as part of an EGX digital panel, however, Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter shared some good news.

“All the developers I talked to followed the same line, about how easy it is to work on PlayStation 5. Essentially, it's pretty much the same process as PlayStation 4, and now with access to more powerful hardware, with more possibilities . ”

“I was really impressed with this positive feedback.”

PlayStation 5 will be released worldwide on November 19.

Source: Pushsquare
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