At 90, Elza Soares reveals on Twitter that she is a fan of ‘One Piece’

"I discovered that I am otaku", says singer.
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One of the most iconic singers in the history of Brazil, Elza Soares surprised fans on social media with a completely unexpected revelation.

At the age of 90, Elza has been using Twitter to update his followers from his day-to-day lives confined during quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was precisely on this social network that the singing surprised everyone by revealing that she is watching One Piece during confinement, and that she is an anime fan:

"One Piece is good, watch it", wrote Elza in the tweet, which, at this moment, already has 83 thousand likes and 26 thousand shares.

Later, Elza also wrote other tweets saying "I discovered that I am Otaku", in addition to asking other fans for directions from other animes.

She even won a special art where she appears on a One Piece poster dressed in the straw hat characteristic of the anime.

Source: Ovicio
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