We will be without new New World gameplays for a long time

We will be without new New World gameplays for a long time

Game will be released only in 2021
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Amazon Games Studios recently announced the postponement of the launch of New World, which was scheduled to take place on August 25 and is now due to take place only in the spring of 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere, between March and June. However, the company's policy will remain the same with respect to the content shared on the internet about the game.

Responding to a user on Twitter, the studio reported that New World is still and will remain under NDA, confidentiality clause, until the Beta in 2021. The exception, however, will be during the confirmed test to begin on August 25, with access guaranteed to players who made the game reservation. After this test, players will not be able to share their games on the internet again.


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