NieR: Automated director, Yoko Taro known for his eccentricities and for not being afraid to share his opinions, shared on Twitter a quick mention of ShiftUp's new project, Project EVE, with one word: "Buy".

The director has always shown his admiration for other games, and especially when the design of the protagonists share similarities with their projects, and it's not hard to notice the ones between Project EVE and NieR: Automata, which in addition to action-centered gameplay have strong and sexualized protagonists without fear of criticism. Eve the protagonist of the new game as well as 2B has been gaining attention and the hearts of the public with her voluminous lines.

It's still not clear whether the stories will be similar, but what we do know is that ShiftUp is widely known for its mobile gacha Destiny Child, which is praised for its limited pay-to-win systems. The development team is made up of team members who have also worked on games like Magna Carta for PlayStation 2, which is where you'll notice some of the character design influences from the character designer and direction Kim Hyung-tae.

If you haven't seen the trailer for Project EVE check it out:


Project EVE is currently in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PC.

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