Sekai Project has announced that it will release in the West the visual novel Animal Trail Girlish Square, the game developed by Whirlpool will arrive in the West on a date that has not yet been announced.

Animal Trail Girlish Square or Kemonomichi ☆ Girlish Square Bonus (in Japanese) accompanies Nakamori Taiga, an otaku who works in a shop in Akiba, he has an obsession with an emerging group called Animal Trail Girlish Square, to his surprise, one night he tried to spy on the group during rehearsal, ended up seeing sparkles appear and transform into magical beings. He then discovers that the girls in the group are really magical girls. Now knowing his secret, they pursue him and decide to use him to help gather human energy and become renowned idols. So he becomes a kind of producer and entrepreneur, but that certainly won't be all that.


If you're familiar with games from Whirlpool, the same developer behind Slobbish Dragon Princess and NEKO-NIN exHeart, then we can expect there won't be many interaction options, but the story will be contacted with a lot of comedy a touch of romance, and maybe even a little drama here and there, but the developer is characteristic for always adding lots of ecchi +18 scenes in their games.

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