Watch the trailer for the story of "Trek to Yomi"

Trailer showcases a cinematic experience in Edo Period Japan
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Devolver Digital has published a new trailer for their upcoming release of Trek to Yomi. A monochrome action adventure follows young swordsman Hiroki swore to his dying master to protect his city and the people he loves from all threats In the face of tragedy and bound by duty, the lone samurai must travel beyond life and death to confront each other and decide their way forward.


The theme and narrative of Trek to Yomi was built on two essential pillars: historical Japan and Shinto mythology. Shinto belief is that the gods are everywhere, inhabiting every rock, tree, and flower. And part of our narrative explores this belief through tales about the ancestral kami spirits of our hero, Hiroki, the various eras of Japan in which these spirits lived, and their tragic, violent, or unjust deaths that led them to now suffer a torturous half -life in Yomi. Often, these stories reflect Hiroki's journey and dilemmas, and they will help him make his final decision about the path he will take.

Trek to Yomi will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One this spring.


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