Manga "Sengyō Furin" comes to an end in fifth volume

Manga is by the same author as Nana to Kaoru, and has been published since December 2019
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Publisher Shogakukan is listing that the fifth volume of the manga Sengyō Furin ~Ochiteiku Shufu to Shufu~ (Housecouple Adultery ~The Fall of the Househusband and Housewife~) by the manga ]Ryuta Amazume will be the last volume of the work, and it will be released on December 10th. The work has been published in the Yoru Sunday section of the publisher's Sunday Webry manga website since December 2019.

The story follows Akito, a man exhausted from working in an exploitative company, and who quits his job to become a homemaker. However, he is also not satisfied with his new life. But things can change for Akito after an unexpected encounter due to a lost item.

Ryuta Amazume has just finished publishing the spinoff of Nana to Kaoru. The original manga of the work was released in August 2016 in Young Animal magazine. He also published the manga Boku dake Shitteru Ichimiya-san (The Ichimiya-san Only I Know) which ended in April 2018.

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