Nana to Kaoru ~Kōkōsei no SM Gokko~ ends on October 29th

Spinoff manga from "Nana to Kaoru" started to be published in November 2018
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The latest issue of Young Animal magazine revealed that the manga Nana to Kaoru ~Kōkōsei no SM Gokko~ (High Schoolers' S&M Play) by author Ryuta Amazume, will end in the issue of Harem magazine which will be published on October 29th, with the fifth volume of the manga being the final volume, and is set to be released on December 24th. The manga is a spinoff of the manga Nana to Kaoru, and takes place during the third year of Nana and Kaoru high school.

The author released the spinoff manga in the inaugural issue of Harem magazine in November 2018, and has the volumes published by Hakesensha publisher with a different name from the manga, being Nana to Kaoru: Last Year, and published the fourth volume on March 29th. The original manga Nana to Kaoru ended in the August 2016 issue of Young Animal magazine, with its spinoff Nana to Kaoru: Black Label being closed in 2014.

Ryuta Amazume also published the manga Boku dake Shitteru Ichimiya-san (The Ichimiya-san Only I Know) which ended in April 2018, and has been publishing the manga ]Sengyō Furin ~Ochiteiku Shufu to Shufu~ (Housecouple Adultery ~The Fall of the Househusband and Housewife~) in the Yoru Sunday section of the manga site Sunday Webry from Shogakukan publisher since December 2019.

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