Unravel the mysteries of a cursed city while trying to survive in "Forgive Me Father"

Horror FPS takes you to Lovecraftian insanities as you try to find answers in a dystopian handmade world
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And since it's Halloween week, today I bring Forgive Me Father, an interesting game that was released yesterday for PC, this an obscure retro horror FPS set in a comic book-style world, inspired by the novels of HP. Lovecraft, and that takes you on a journey in search of answers and relief from the torments of a cursed city, where you are apparently the only survivor.


In Forgive Me Father you are the only one left with all senses, and not succumbed to madness, you will embark on a journey in search of answers and to escape this place. As you explore a world inspired by the works of Lovecraft, full of hidden and hard-to-reach areas, try to discover the whole story behind this mysterious place.

Here, your madness level dynamically influences the game, and gives you additional power or penalties, changing depending on your playing style. Use these skills as needed and use them to fight eternal evil.

Forgive Me Father was created in a hand-drawn retro horror comic style, designed to maintain a distinct look and feel true to comic books, where any screen shot looks like it came out of a book, and any Game screenshot could be part of a new comic. Not only the look, but the world of Forgive Me Father is also entirely handcrafted, with places full of interesting enemies and distinct abilities, ranging from possessed inhabitants to monsters straight out of their worst nightmares.

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The game's atmosphere tries to recreate the dread and terror in which the works of HP Lovecraft are known, you are surrounded by the forces of eternal evil, and you will experience feelings of hopelessness, madness and confusion, in addition to the urgent need to find answers and bring back some ounce of sanity and reason to this world.

The timelapse animations, with enemies and 2D elements in a 3D environment, were created to give the feeling of being in a classic 90's FPS, including features like limited medical kits and weapons that don't recharge, but with some features from recent games like dynamic powerups that vary from opponent to opponent.

You'll have two heroes available to choose from on your journey, each with their unique skill tree, and you'll be able to see the story from two perspectives, a priest or a journalist, both lost in this macabre tale.

Forgive Me Father is available on PC Early Access via Steam and Epic Games Store.


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