Visual Novel "Honey*Honey*Honey" will be released to PC via Steam on August 12th

Story takes place in a world where physical contact between men and women is prohibited
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Shirvune has just announced that its Visual Novel Honey*Honey*Honey will be released for PC via Steam on August 12th, the game is already available at Johren.

Honey*Honey*Honey takes place in a world where laws to control sexual harassment have changed people's lifestyles, now there are strict regulations that dictate the proper distance between men and women, which must remain at least 2 meters away, and even dating should be allowed. As a result, direct personal contact was drastically reduced. Here the protagonist and the three heroines of the story fight against this strange law, and ended up finding a loophole! The guy to avoid trouble just wants to stay away from the girls, but they seem to want at every opportunity to be hooked on him. In such a world, how will they face this new normal, and how will these relationships develop?


Honey*Honey*Honey is about 10 hours long, and features three heroines, all with 1080p art created by Itsuki Ozora, the artist of Marco & The Galaxy Dragon.

The Johren version of the game is the adult version with NSFW +18 scenes, while the Steam version is the all ages version, but there is a patch to add the hacked content in this version available free on Johren for Steam version buyers .


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