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Have you already explored what you had to explore and still want to have more fun with the game? Come see some interesting mods to diversify things
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It's common that every game at one point loses its shine and the fun starts to fade, and it wouldn't be different with Resident Evil Village, which after wandering for hours and hours through the desolate village and after eliminating all enemies becomes not much to do. But for the happiness of PC gamers, there is the option to further increase the possibilities of certain games with the wonderful MODs. It's not all games that have MODs but in this case Resident Evil Village since its release has been gaining more and more changes made by the community that is quite committed to creating curious things for the game.

Without further ado, let's go to the list, which has from funny mod's, improvements and some "interesting" ones:

MODs for general improvements


A common category of MODs is the one that brings improved performances that the game itself doesn't have, and Resident Evil Village has gained several that make fine improvements that the default settings simply ignored, and one of them is the fixes of FOV, and of course the mod manager. Among these types of MODs we have:

  1. Fluffy Manager (mod manager and FOV trainer)
  2. Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix
  3. FOV slider - Vignette disabler - Freecam - Flashlight - And more (RE Mod Framework)

Weapon MODs and Customizations


Among the most sought after is the category of MODs for customization and weapons, and Village received some interesting ones, among them the addition of the AX50 a sniper rifle, the Samurai Edge Custom, MP5K, a 92FS beret and the "interesting" kills swatters ... to annoy Lady Dimitrescu.

  1. Samurai Edge Custom
  2. AX50 over F2 Sniper Rifle
  3. MP5K
  4. Beretta 92FS Fusion
  5. Fly Swatters

In terms of character customizations there is a good variety, including a MOD that makes Lady Dimitrescu's clothes all black, another that makes Lady Dimetrescu's 3 vampire daughters with clothes similar to 2B of Nier Automada, one that changes Duke clothes making him more stylish, and also MODs to play with others characters such as A Alcina Dimitrescu, Rose Winters and maybe Albert Wesker, and even adding the villain Ghostface from the Scream[/] movies i] or the nurses from Silent Hill to the game.


  1. Lady Dimitrescu with black clothes
  2. Daughters of YorHa (2B clothes)
  3. play as Alcina Dimitrescu
  4. play as Winters
  5. Customize Duke
  6. play as Albert Wesker
  7. Restore Ethans appearance
  8. Ghostface
  9. Silent Hill nurses
  10. Resident Reshade 1.2

Varied and funny MODs

There are several interesting and funny mods for the game, among them I can name a few: the weird mod that inserts the baby's head into the Chris model, or how about the baby being a "mini" Chris, or the weird "Count Theodora" that inserts Thomas the Train's head into Lady Dimitrescu, or what makes Heisenberg Dante from Devil May Cry, or maybe Chris is Dante... We also have improved makeup for Lady Dimitrescu that adds far more sinister red eyes, and also the bizarre LadyChris who puts Chris's head on Lady Dimitrescu.


  1. Chris with babys head
  2. Mini Chris
  3. Count Theodora - Head of Thomas the Train at Lady Dimitrescu
  4. Heisenberg is Dante (Devil May Cry)
  5. Chris is Dante (Devil May Cry)
  6. Improved Makeup for Lady Dimitrescu
  7. LadyChris
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MODs +18 / Nude Mods

And as it could not be missed, RULES 34 arrived strong and several MOD nudes for Resident Evil Village were created. And we can highlight some, such as Lady Dimitrescu's Nude Mod, Dimitrescu Sisters Nude Mod (which has 2 versions), Mother Miranda's Nude Mod, Dimetrescu Sisters in Sexy Clothes or Bikinis, Chris with boxers or totally naked, among several others.


  1. Nude Mod by Lady Dimitrescu
  2. Nude Mod of the Dimitrescu Sisters
  3. Lewd Sisters (Nude Mod of the Dimitrescu Sisters)
  4. Nude Mod of Mother Miranda
  5. Dimetrescu Sisters in Sexy Clothes
  6. Dimetrescu Sisters in Bikinis
  7. Ethan Winters Nude Mod
  8. Chris with boxers

Remember that on the NexusMods website you can find dozens of other MODs for Resident Evil Village, including mod's from other games.

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