Starfield: New image of the game may have leaked on the internet

Starfield may have appeared in a new game image that was leaked to the internet, but it's hard to say whether this is likely or not.
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Starfield may have shown himself in another image, also apparently leaked online on the internet, but always placed on the border between the joke and reality, it seems, so it is not easy to understand whether these materials are authentic or not.

This is a very similar image to the others that were leaked previously, as you can see below, which shows what appears to be the type of space base seen previously from another perspective, which allows you to read the word "LAB" more correctly.

Also in this case, according to what is reported, it is an image that goes back to a 2018 version and it seems to be more of a kind of example or resource to be used in the game than a real game scene, whenever obviously all this has a minimum of veracity.

Images similar to this one appeared in a previous leak that came in multiple submissions, but obviously these are not confirmed materials by Bethesda, which continues to maintain the strictest confidentiality at Starfield, after its first logo ad and nothing more.

In this case, the image comes from a NeoGAF forum user who basically reports that he is not even an insider and is simply "spending a lot of time on the internet", so it is not clear how he found the material in question. In any case, as we did with the previous elements, we also report this, which only seems to demonstrate a certain continuity in relation to the initial leak.

In short, it is not clear whether it is a joke, a scam or whatever, but at the moment there is absolutely nothing else in Starfield, so we also propose this dubious image shown below, waiting for information that could really reach the year, considering that some argue that the game could be released in 2021.


Starfield is currently in development for Xbox Series X/S and Windows 10 PCs.

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