Fall Guys Season 3.5 is now available globally

Fall Guys Season 3.5 is now available globally

New trailer reveals the new game character from Mediatonic and Digital Devolver
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The Season 3.5 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available and, to celebrate, the development team assembled a brand new trailer for the occasion.

The video, available directly at the opening of this news, offers a typical taste of the action offered by the free game for PC and PlayStation 4 (and obviously PlayStation 5 thanks to the backward compatibility functions).

Among flying men, crazy skins and fierce competitions, the film opens the mid-season update of the colorful Battle Royale. With the update, the 3rd season keeps its main theme, which is the celebration of the winter season and the Christmas holidays, but at the same time it hosts some new content.


In particular, players will be able to challenge each other by snuggling between platforms of a new level, which expands the series of challenges available in Fall Guys. They also couldn't miss additional skins, including those dedicated to Sonic and Godzilla. In the coming weeks, more costumes will arrive at the game store.

While enjoying Season 3.5 content, free fans can expect more news. The Mediatonic team has indeed confirmed its willingness to make Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout available on additional platforms, among which the Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles appear to be the main contenders.

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