Dusk Golem says new Silent Hill is in development

According to him, Sony has marketing rights for the game.
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Dusk Golem is a somewhat controversial name nowadays and has lost the confidence of many people, but the insider has already proven to have at least some knowledge from within the industry. Today, the insider went to Twitter to talk a little about a game well awaited by the players, a new Silent Hill...

According to him, the new Silent Hill started to be developed in early 2019 and we will have an announcement in a few months.

This is nothing new, but as I've been saying last year, a Silent Hill started to be developed in early 2019, it's been in development for about 2 years, I think an announcement should happen in a few months, but hey , it will happen when it happens!

I think Village will leave before that.

Dusk Golem states that the first time I heard about the game was in 2018, and at that time there were two games in the franchise in development.

When I first heard about the game it was in 2018, and at that point there were two Silent Hill that Konami was looking for to give the green light, one that would be a soft reboot and the other would be an episodic game. However, in the past year and months, I've only heard about a game in person.

However he cannot say who is taking care of the development, although he claims that Sony has the marketing rights of the title

Do I know that a Silent Hill is in development? Yes, 100%, I even know 100% that it was not canceled, it has been in development for 2 years.

Who is playing the game? I would like to know, but I know at least that Sony has marketing rights for the game. I know it's not Konami, the game has been outsourced.

When will it be announced? I don't know an exact date, but I have a window, but as it may not happen, I'll wait and see for myself.

It will be good? Hopefully so.

But that does not mean it will be exclusive, as according to him, Sony also has the marketing rights to Resident Evil Village.

Sony has the marketing right for Resident Evil Village, Sony markets the game. This does not mean that Sony has exclusivity in Resident Evil Village, only a marketing agreement has been made.

I received three confirmations last month, two from people I would trust my life with, that Silent Hill is going to happen. about this. I confirm that the game is working, that's what I can guarantee.

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