15 games to enjoy at the Steam Game Festival

Many games to know and test during this event! More than 300 free demos are released until February 9
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And the Steam Game Festival started, an event that is already becoming routine on the platform and we agree, it was a great idea , where several game demos are available totally free for those who do not know the games and even those who already know, may have the chance to test the most varied range of games on the Steam list.

The main focus of the event is on indie games as they are the vast majority of releases, but with the difference of highlighting many pearls that are about to be launched or games that have great potential.

And this edition started yesterday on February 3rd and will continue until February 9th, bringing more than 300 demos for you to enjoy, and to keep an eye on upcoming releases. And to help you, today I bring a short list with 15 games to enjoy during the event:

No Place for Bravery - LINK


Starting with No Place for Bravery, an action RPG that uses the most impressive features of its genre as a background to tell a story about rampant violence and abandonment paternal. The game is a captivating mix of low fantasy backgrounds, highly detailed pixel art and beautiful hand-painted textures.

skateBIRD - LINK


Skateboarding game Tony Hawk Pro Skater, that instead of famous athletes we control a sparrow. The game follows the same gameplay as Pro Skyter, but we solved missions and challenges for other birds. In the demo there was only one map on top of a building.



Action, mystery and a chance for redemption await you in GRAVEN. Explore a dark fantasy world like an unjustly condemned priest, exiled to death. You must fight against the perversions of this distorted world while trying to come back to life, in a marriage of the newest development techniques united with characteristics of the classic 90s FPS united by an obscure but distinct medieval fantasy experience.

Genesis Noir - LINK


One way to describe Genesis Noir: is an animation with gameplay. Point-in-click game that follows the aesthetics of film noir, plus a diegetic jazz that we compose together with the game and create a cosmic atmosphere, but without the need to know music theory for that.

Hazel Sky - LINK


Hazel Sky is a sincere adventure proudly, where you are sent to an island far from home, in the flying city of Gideon, Shane must pass the tests and return as an engineer or be banned. Connected via radio, Shane and an intern engineer, Erin starts an illicit friendship. A friendship that will change the way Shane sees the world.

Loop Hero - LINK


A roguelike role-playing game, we control an adventurer and manage his adventure. We do not directly control his actions, only his equipment and the challenges he will face in each run which, as the name suggests, will remain in an infinite loop until his eventual death or retreat to the camp.

Unbound: Worlds Apart - LINK


Explore the beautiful handmade Metroidvanian worlds, conjuring different magical portals in Unbound: Worlds Apart. Each portal offers unique abilities to solve puzzles, while trying to outsmart abominable creatures and unravel mysteries. Unbound is an atmospheric puzzle with 2D platforms where the main character, Soli, can conjure magical portals to travel between different realities, in order to learn more about the catastrophe that devastated her world. Within certain portals, the physical properties of the character or elements of the world may change, offering new game possibilities.

Lion Quest Infinity - LINK


Lion Quest Infinity is a game that is difficult to understand when playing. In it we have two perspectives of gameplay one when we are awake and another when we go to sleep. Awake we control Jeffrey a standard adult, but when we sleep we control the lion Jethro in platform stage with a mysterious and obtuse prostrate of history.

Steel Assault - LINK


Game with retro aesthetics of platform and action arcades where we control a resistance soldier against a dictator in a post-apocalyptic world. In it we fight enemies with an electric whip, and we use a zipline cable (zipline) to reach new paths.

The Riftbreaker - LINK


Game in the mold of the old isometric twin stick shooter (Nex Machina, HELLDIVERS) added to the management of RTS (Real Time Strategy), has beautiful graphics and a frighteningly improved physics. Set in space colonies, we control a mecha responsible for collecting resources, fighting enemies and creating a command base.

The Last Stand: Aftermath - LINK


Survive during the zombie apocalypse in The Last Stand: Aftermath, this is the sequel to The Last Stand: Union City, a new single player roguelike action adventure game. This time, after being infected by the zombie virus, you set out to explore the post-apocalyptic world and find hope for other survivors. You can still make a difference. Do not give up.

Stay Out of the House - LINK


Stealth-based VHS-style slasher horror awaits you in Stay Out of the House. With authentic low poly looks from the PS1 era, this is the game you always wanted in the 90s! Try to survive while a maniacal killer hunts you like an animal, you train three days until the reckoning ... Welcome to the BUTCHER'S house. Welcome to YOUR new home.



Balan Wonderworld is a wonderful action and platform game based on the Balan Theater. Guided by the enigmatic conductor Balan, the stars of the show, Emma and Leo, will use special skills from different costumes to explore the bizarre and imaginary World of Wonders. Here, memories and visions of the real world mix with what is most important to each one.

Tower Princess - LINK


Live a normal day as a knight! Sharpen your spear, make the Dragon run in fear, while trying to get a date with the princess you rescue! Tower Princess is a fun and charming 3D roguelite platform game, where you will venture into a very very distant land, where the Evil Dragon has made all the princesses of the kingdom its prisoners, and it is up to you, brave knight , do your best to win the dungeon and have the most perfect encounter possible!

The Longest Road on Earth - LINK


We can be in doubt if The Longest Road on Earth is a game or an audio visual and sound experience! This game is an exciting interactive experience based on the intimate human connection and the journey that we all need to make. You will play four chapters that capture the essence of everyday life, the context of the chapters is not revealed, you will not know the characters or their stories, but you can live moments with them and create your own interpretations.

Remembering that the Steam Game Festival will run until February 9th, and brings more than 300 demos to test, to see the relationship is to access this link .

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