Manga "Senpai ga Boku wo Torinikiteru" was finished

The romantic comedy story created by Yoshiaki Sukeno, was released in December 2013
Published by MarK, on .

The manga Yoshiaki Sukeno finished his romantic comedy manga Senpai ga Boku wo Torinikiteru (My Senpai Is After My Life) in the last chapter published on January 14th. Kodansha will compile the third and final volume of the manga to be published in March.

The story of the romantic comedy takes place around a young woman with giant breasts and a boy "as small as a pet". Ken Yamada is on the student council and begins to feel that his life is in danger. The beautiful and intelligent student council president Rei Jinjūji uses her giant breasts for her own purposes. When Rei presses her breasts against Ken , he feels that she is trying to kill him.

Sukeno released the manga in Magazine Pocket in December 2019. Kodansha published the second volume of the manga in November 2020. Sukeno also published his other Twin Star Exorcists manga in Jump SQ magazine in November 2008 ending in 2013, the story inspired an anime series with 13 episodes released in 2012 and broadcast in North America by Funimation.

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