Hello Neighbor 2 is announced for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Hello Neighbor 2 is announced for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X

The game should be released in 2021
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Production company TinyBuild unexpectedly announced Hello Neighbor 2, the direct continuation of the game that caught many people with their pants in hand. The new title should arrive in 2021, for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The story will continue from where the previous adventure ended, with the mysterious disappearance of neighbor psychopath Mr. Peterson. The player will now assume the role of an investigative journalist, trying to unravel the whereabouts of several people who disappeared in the Raven Brooks neighborhood. If the first title was focused on a single house, the sequence will open its gameplay and its scares to a much larger region.

Hello Neighbor 2 will bring a new antagonist to torment your life. The raven-like creature will have adaptive Artificial Intelligence, capable of predicting the player's movements and altering its own patrol routes. With dynamic behavior, the entity promises to be much more challenging than the original neighbor.


The sequel is being developed by Eerie Guest Studios, creators of the franchise, which was recently acquired and is now part of the TinyBuild studio family.

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