Chucky | Killer Toy TV series gets first teaser

"He's still your friend ... until the end."
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The Toy Killer horror franchise, which includes 7 films (and last year's reboot), is coming to TV and has just won its first teaser.

Titled Chucky, the series is being produced by franchise creator Don Mancini (who wrote all seven films) and Nick Antosca of Channel Zero, and will continue with the films, acting as a continuation of the story. Brad Dourif, Chucky's voice in all films except the reboot (where Chucky was voiced by Mark Hamill), will also play Chucky in the series.


Check out the official synopsis:

[quote] After a Chucky doll appears at a yard sale, an American city is thrown into chaos as a series of horrific murders begins to expose the city's hypocrisies and secrets. Meanwhile, the emergence of enemies and allies from Chucky's past threatens to expose the truth behind the murders, in addition to the countless origins of the demonic doll as an apparently ordinary child who somehow became this monster. [/ Quote]

Jennifer Tilly, who has appeared in all the Killer Toy movies since Bride of Chucky as Tiffany, is also back. No other cast members have been announced at this time.

The Chucky series will premiere in the US in 2021 on the Syfy channel.

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