Build a city under the sea in "Aquatico"

City builder will force you to create a colony to survive in a hostile environment under the sea
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It has just been announced by Overseer Games, developer of Patron, Aquatico, a new game builder cities that will give players the experience of building a base to survive at the bottom of the ocean. Set in the deep sea, players will have to choose their strategy, obtain resources and build their futuristic city while trying to prove that no challenge is too difficult.


In the not-too-distant future, the Earth's surface has become a barren wasteland, but people who refuse to give up hope embark on a journey beneath the waves, hoping to find a safe place and start over from scratch, find a world incredible and surreal, full of dangers and challenges. Now it's up to you to work hard to find the resources and resources needed to build a thriving new underwater city.

Like any colony simulator game, the player will have to look for and secure the basic and advanced resources available in the environment, manufacture whatever is needed while trying to overcome the challenges to survive in the depths of the ocean. The core mechanics of the game are similar to the standards of other games in the genre, scavenge for basic resources, build structures for your citizens, then expand your underwater production chains to secure higher-level resources. At the same time, it is important to remember the needs of your population and meet them in the best possible way.


As the game takes place in the near future, get ready to interact with the help of drones, submarines, underwater robots and all variety of diverse technologies adapted to this new environment.

Aquatico also introduces the mechanics of expeditions to encourage the player to further explore the environment and obtain various bonuses if they succeed in their attempts. The game also has a narrative sequence where players are introduced to this fantastic underwater world while accomplishing various objectives related to the main story.

Aquatico will be released in 2022, and will arrive for PC via Steam.


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