Have a Nice Death gets a launch trailer. Check out!

Play the role of death as you try to put things in order and try to get some rest in your "life"
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Magic Design Studios and Gearbox Publishing have published the launch trailer for Have a Nice Death, a hand-drawn 2D metroidvania full of scenes comics that has just been released on Steam via Early Access.


In Have a Nice Death players will be able to level up their weapon, the iconic scythe of death, as well as take advantage of over 30 different weapons and spells. Keep in mind that this is a rogue-lite, so its unique abilities will be vital for subsequent playthroughs as the game progresses.

Have a Nice Death puts players in the role of "Death", founder and CEO of Death Incorporated. Despite feeling drained, Death must fight his employees, the Sorrows, after they flout the rules on Earth. If he doesn't, the paperwork will continue to pile up endlessly, which is not good for the company or his downtime.

You can see more details of Have a Nice Death on their Steam page.


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