Action RPG "Action Taimanin" gets an update that brings new content and improvements

New stories and new intimacy system have been added
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Gremory Games has announced that the action RPG Action Taimanin developed by Lilith has gained a new update on the global Steam servers where players can have it access to Chapter 16: Momochi Toyo Part 2 of the main story, and also brings the renovation of the Arena Tower and costumes for the intimacy system with the characters.


The update adds the last part of the main chapter, as well as three new stories, where players will finally be able to see the fight between Momochi and the Task Force. Also, the story of the The Calm Within The Storm event, which is an epilogue to Chapter 16.

It has also been announced that on November 23 a new story in the form of an event is planned to be released, The Forgotten Beast and the Targeted Town, which will recount what happened to the Task Force.

The update also brings the addition of a new intimacy system, which by increasing a character's intimacy level, new actions are possible in the lobby and additional rewards such as gems and crystal kits can also be obtained. Also, if players give a character their favorite gift, the Intimacy level can be increased even faster. When the Intimacy level reaches the highest level, effects that help the character's growth, such as gaining additional EXP points and increasing maximum AP, can be obtained, allowing you to experience a game with a different feel compared to before the update.

Action Taimanin is now available on Steam and you can play for free just download.


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