WitchSpring R gets new trailer

Game will be released for PC and Consoles in 2022
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Kiwiworks has published a new trailer for WitchSpring R, the remake of the original game originally released for mobile devices.


In WitchSpring R players will explore the environment, collect items and cultivate materials to complete the missions, the JRPG's main objective is to develop your house, which will enable the progression of the narrative.

Even though it is a remake of the original game, WitchSpring R is a new game developed from scratch for new platforms, overcoming the graphical and gameplay limitations that the mobile version had. In the trailer we can see the new systems and some battle mechanics. The game will feature dubbed audio for your characters in various ways to interact with the cast.

The announcement does not reveal other details, but WitchSpring R will be released in 2022 for PC and Consoles.

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