Weird West will be released in January for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Game is a retelling of the Wild West Check out the new trailer!
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Weird West, which is developed by Rafael Colantonio's WolfEye Studios, will be released on January 11th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. game it comes.


Rafael Colantonio describes Weird West as a retelling of the Old West, check it out:

Discover a retelling of the Old West, a dark fantasy in which deputies and gunmen share the frontier with fantastical creatures. Follow and learn the origins of a group of atypical heroes, who become legends through their decisions in unforgiving territory. Each journey is unique and changes as you act, composing a series of stories where much is at stake, every detail matters and the world reacts to your choices. Form a pack or venture out on your own into the supernatural confines of the Weird West and adapt each legend to its own way.

Weird West is available for pre-purchase and, of course, you'll get a small bonus - in this case, a horse named Calamity that will provide lots of bonuses and a little extra early loot.


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