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Series with John Cena gets first details
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The series Peacemaker derived from "The Suicide Squad" also won the first teaser trailer during the DC FanDome 2021 which took place on Saturday.


The trailer shows the Peacemaker (John Cena) receiving a new mission after the events of the film. Unrecognized by the public, he is joined by the hero Vigilant (Freddie Stroma) and Amanda Waller's assistants on a new mission that will lead to a confrontation with her father, played by Robert Patrick.

Peacemaker is written entirely by James Gunn, who will also direct five of the season's eight episodes. The series is a sequel and prequel to the film, and promises to delve into its anti-hero's past while showing what happens after the film.

Peacemaker is set to debut on January 16, 2022 on HBO Max.

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