Visual Novel "Love Duction! The Guide for Galactic Lovers" hits Steam this week

History follows a boy who will be disputed by two girls who, in addition to their love, want to be Presidents of the Galaxy
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The Sekai Project that the visual novel Love Duction! The Guide for Galactic Lovers, developed by the small group US8 will be available for PC via Steam from October 15, 2021.


Love Duction! The Guide for Galactic Lovers tells the story of Nanaboshi Kanata, a normal boy who happens to have a traumatizing love life. One day, he ends up meeting a girl named Serie, who works as a guide for lovers of the galaxy, and she starts to guide the protagonist. Now he has the chance to choose between two girls, who happen to want the position of President Galactic, as his potential lover. As the whole galactic thing suggests, the story includes aliens, spaceships and seemingly overblown antics. According to Serie, the protagonist is able to make even the impossible happen and now everyone will participate in something called The 4th Loveduction.


The game has a story written by Ejimura, Uoda Suu and Omutsu, while the character designs are done by Kaniya Shiku, the voice actors of the main heroines include Torino Yui, Ooyama Chiroru and Akushiro Satsuki.

You can check out more details of Love Duction! The Guide for Galactic Lovers on your Steam page.


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