Visual Novel "9-nine-" arrives on PS4 and Switch in 2022

5 episodes of the series are available on Steam
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Developer Palette has announced that it will release its game 9-nine- for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in 2022, the release will be a compilation that includes the five episodes released on Steam. All episodes share the same world and setting, but each one follows a different heroine.


The story takes place in an academic city, which has no special characteristics, there were some attempts to revitalize it to attract tourists, but without any success. However, after a sacred treasure in a temple is damaged an unusual power awakens in some young people, so the city begins to draw people's attention, even when a series of supernatural murders takes place. Amidst this, a story of trust and romance begins between the protagonist and the heroine, as they try to discover the culprit behind the murders.

The original releases of the first four episodes took place separately between 2017 and 2020 for PC, and then another extra episode was released in a package that contained the previous four. Those for consoles will be based on this latest package.

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