Honkai Impact 3rd is coming to Steam

After 5 years the game arrives on the platform, reaching many players who didn't know it.
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miHoYo has announced that it is bringing Honkai Impact 3rd to Steam, the popular mobile game that also has a PC version that will be playable through Valve's app and will reach many more platform players, something similar to what Genshin Impact did when it was released on the Epic Store.


The story of Honkai Impact 3rd takes place in a modern setting, initially similar to the real world, until in 2014 the mysterious force of chaos Honkai emerges. The Honkai influence begins to cause catastrophes across the planet and transform people into dangerous creatures, which marks the beginning of the "3rd Honkai War". To face the situation, there are organizations that specialize in fighting the Honkai, such as Schicksal and its team of Valkyries, warriors with anti-Honkai genes whose name is a reference to the Valkyries, from Norse mythology.

In the game, the Valkyries use weapons like pistols and swords, in addition to some heavier weapons, to unleash devastating combos against hordes of enemies. The player has under his command a team with three different Valkyries and can change their stats and abilities according to the chosen equipment configuration.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for free for PC, iOS and Android, but those interested in the desktop version should download the installer from the official website, which turns some players off, but now on Valve's platform it can adjust a lot the game.

Even so, the company did not reveal its exact release date, the only information in the store is that the game will arrive in October.


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