Become a professional musician with the help of a ghost in "Love Flute"

Game is a visual novel with a simple and gripping story of an amateur pianist and his mysterious friend
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Coming to Steam Love Flute, the latest visual novel from TALESSHOP Co., Ltd, this is a casual, smooth game with a simple, balanced story. Where we accompany a professional voice actress to be able to equip and improve her studio and compose more and more songs.


In Love Flute you are an amateur pianist, trying to become famous as a street musician on a university campus, but one day the "ghostly campus lady" appeared to you, accompanied by the sound of a mysterious flute, now she will accompany you to fulfill her mysterious objective.


You'll be able to use money to buy new instruments and decorate your room with new furniture, while enjoying a moving story and discovering more about your ghost companion.

It is noteworthy that Love Flute is also voiced by professionals who bring the story to life. If you're interested, the game is now available on Steam.


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