Bayonetta Franchise Turns 12 Years Old

Platinum celebrates with a message from the team and some wallpapers
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Released worldwide on October 29, 2009, Bayonetta has just completed 12 years of existence. The franchise with dear Cereza is loved by many fans of the hack 'n slash and action genre, who are looking forward to Bayonetta 3, the sequel that after a long time of silence finally received its new trailer on Nintendo Direct this year.


To celebrate, Platinum Games has made available on its official website some free wallpapers for you to customize your devices. If you want, you can download it here.


In addition to the wallpapers, the studio's most beloved designer, Hideki Kamiya, has written a message to all fans.

"Here is Platinum Games' chief game designer Hideki Kamiya

Today marks Bayonetta's 12th birthday!

It's kind of weird to celebrate, but today we want to show our love to all of you who always support us, and we made some wallpapers to share.

Two of the wallpapers are made with art used in the steelbook of the Japanese version of Bayonetta Non-stop Climax Edition (wallpaper 1).

At first glance it looks more like ordinary Bayonetta art, but if you look you'll notice that Cereza from Bayonetta 1 is doing the pose used on the cover of Bayonetta 2, and Cereza from Bayonetta 2 is doing the pose used on the cover of Bayonetta 1 ( wallpaper 2). Confused, isn't it?

The other wallpaper is made from artwork used in our collaboration with Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2. The concept behind this art was to show how Bayonetta would be seen from the front, doing her pose used on the cover of the Japanese version of the first game (wallpaper 3).

Each of these arts were made some time after each Bayonetta was released, so they aren't in any art books. Therefore, we received a lot of requests from fans who wanted to see these arts in more detail, so we made these wallpapers to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the franchise.

We finally made a new announcement on Bayonetta 3 a while ago, and the reason we were able to continue working on the franchise is your strong support. I hope you all continue to support Bayonetta, and let's celebrate big time when the next milestone arrives!"

Although we don't have a specific date, Bayonetta 3 is set to be released in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Remember that the first Bayonetta is currently on sale on Steam.

So while we wait for the sequel, nothing better than replaying the first titles and getting ready to kill more monsters next year.

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