Meet "Settlement Survival," a new Banished-based town builder coming to Steam later this year

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Indie developer Gleamer Studio will release its city-building game Settlement Survival for PC via Early Access later this year. The developers already make it clear that the game is inspired by Banished, and may make fans of the genre happy who are orphans of the game released in 2014.


In Settlement Survival you will have in hand the complete kit of a medieval city builder, here you will have to manage your population, crops and resources so that your people survive and can develop their new home.

As head of life, you must lead your people to the new settlement, providing shelter and securing basic supplies like food, protection as well as well-being, to attract more residents of foreign cities as your population grows. In the game you will have to build your settlement using nearby resources, being able to manipulate the terrain and landscape to create the perfect layout for your city.

You will have to deal with laws and appointment of mayors to control crime and population growth. The game also has seasons of the year, and with them natural disasters, such as severe droughts and blizzards, which can affect the growth of your productions and crops. So it's up to you to protect your citizens and the resources they need to survive during periods when nature doesn't cooperate.


Settlement Survival also features a randomly generated map, where you can find unique features and landmarks, which bring their own challenges, which can unlock unique achievements, themes, styles, and rare designs that are an opportunity to further customize your villa.

A kind of skill tree, in which you can choose from several options to improve, ranging from commerce, education, mining, construction, agriculture, processing, logistics and habitability, each unlocking new buildings and skills to drive the development of your life. These options do not have a default, so feel free to choose the ones you will improve to develop your village's capacity to the fullest.

And with a large production, you will also be able to manage trade routes to exchange items, processed products, unlocking the economy to create currency and increase the survival capacity of your population.

Settlement Survival comes to Steam via Early Access later this year.


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