Medieval Dynasty will exit Early Access in September

Survival game with RPG and strategy elements forces you to survive in a medieval village
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The dream of becoming a feudal lord and creating his own dynasty has never been so close. Medieval Dynasty, by Toplitz Productions, will be released in its final version on September 23, leaving Early Access, where it was available for just over a year. The game will be available in full for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG and the Microsoft Store.

The full version of Medieval Dynasty will be the game's biggest update yet, according to its developers. You can expect balance shifts, a lot of new content and extra polish. Publisher Toplitz says it will have more to share on its social networks as Medieval Dynasty approaches release. And even after its release the team will work even harder, already with a road map, than will be released in the months after the release of version 1.0, Damian Szymanski, CEO of Toplitz claims that release day will not be the end of new content for the game.


In Medieval Dynasty, a huge world awaits, mixing elements of survival, simulation, RPG and strategy, where the player is taken to the Middle Ages and takes on the role of the young Racimir who, after losing his family in the war, decides to go after a distant and fortunate uncle to try to grow in life. But nothing will be easy, as your uncle has passed away, and now you will have to start a new life, starting from scratch until you become an important person in your new home. But be aware that winters are harsh and unexpected events can occur as you hone your survival skills and hopefully become ruler of a dynasty. Grab your hunting axe, hammer or bow and create your legacy!

The game features four seasons, day and night cycles, realistic weather conditions, and interactive environments to explore. In terms of construction, there are 18 different buildings, from shacks to stone mansions, and more than 60 types of equipment that can be manufactured. A thorough skill tree helps you develop your character, the dynasty's reputation system, and more.

Medieval Dynasty is a unique combination of several successful genres:

  1. Survival: Hunt a wide variety of animals and develop farming skills to stay alive.
  2. Simulation: Create tools and weapons, build and expand houses, stables and all sorts of buildings as an empire evolves.
  3. RPG: Develop your own character, interact with NPCs, take care of your family and form community alliances helping others and trading freely.
  4. Strategy: Found and expand a village, managing the inhabitants while collecting resources, producing and trading goods.

If interested, Medieval Dynasty already available on Steam.


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