IdolDays is available for PC via Steam

Virtual Romance shows if it's possible to turn a delinquent into an idol! Game was released in July for Nintendo Switch
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Qureate has released its visual novel IdolDays for PC via Steam and will be available, the game had already been released on Nintendo Switch on June 17th. The game features Japanese dubbing and subtitle options for English, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese.


In the story, you are a young man who works at an agency based in Akihabara that manages underground idol groups, and you have been ordered by your boss to discover new idols. The problem is that the kind of girls with the talent to become the kind of idol they envision are few and far between, until he comes across a girl telling herself while feeding a few cats. Her voice captivates him and he tries to convince her to become an idol, but she promptly refuses, saying it's a stupid idea. The next day he is called to the office as there is a new employee, his godfather's daughter who has been hired as a training supervisor, but upon seeing her he discovers she is the girl from the day before. She is Tsubaki Akanesaki, and even though she has had several jobs, she ended up getting fired from everyone because of her temper and ended up getting involved in fights. What does fate have in store now that he has to train a girl who is a total delinquent? Can she become an idol?


IdolDays is developed by iMel together with Qureate which also distributes the game, and features illustrations by Atsuto Shinozuka and is produced by Yujiro Usuda. The distributor also makes available a patch +18, which adds all adult content cut in the Nintendo Switch release. It is noteworthy that the Steam version is the same as the Nintendo Switch, being the version for all ages.


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