Comic Market 99 is scheduled for December 30th and 31st

The event will be in person but with access restricting
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The Comic Market Committee has announced that the Comic Market 99 (Comiket 99) event will be held on December 30th and 31st at Tokyo Big Sight. He also stated that he plans to implement all necessary precautions against COVID-19, following a guideline that the Doujin Japan 2020 coalition put together for events during the pandemic.

According to the Committee, although there is still a high degree of uncertainty, with infections on the rise again, given the time needed for preparations such as application in circles, noting the effects of vaccination, and the increase in cases in recent weeks, they are trying to predict the situation in a few months. Therefore, they cannot deny the possibility of another postponement if vaccination does not sufficiently improve the situation by the end of the year. However, if you don't plan and start preparations now, there will certainly be no Comic Market.

In addition, the event that receives more than 200,000 attendees per day as in previous years will likely have participation restricted to a considerably smaller amount. The team said it will likely implement a lottery system for advance purchase of passes.

The Comic Market 98 (Comiket) was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the Comic Market 99 (Comiket) event was scheduled for May but was postponed because of the holidays of Golden Week, later taking place digitally. The last face-to-face event was the Comic Market 97 in December 2019, which attracted a record 750,000 attendees in four days.

The Comic Market is one of the biggest events in Tokyo, held twice a year, and brings together several artists and companies, who exhibit their works and products, and also serve to reveal new works and projects, and of course also new artists.

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