Art of Rally will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch in August

Game is an indie that takes you to exciting rally races, but with an incredible artistic footprint.
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It was announced yesterday by the developer by Funselektor Labs Inc. that their game Art of Rally will be released for Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on August 12th. Art of Rally is an indie that takes you to exciting rally racing, but with an incredible artistic footprint, and was released on PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store in September 2020. It will also arrive for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 at a later date to be announced.

Developed by Funselektor Labs Inc. same creator of Absolute Drift, Art of Rally is a stylized rally game with a top-down view which allows you to fully concentrate on the stages, seeing the next paths on the road without the need for a pace setting.


Art of Rally takes you on a world tour, in races with vibrant colors and an expert that takes you to the golden age of Rally, with a career mode, where you can cross 60 stages located in countries like Finland, Sardinia in Italy, Norway, Japan and Germany. The game also makes available more than 50 iconic rally cars from the 60s to the 80s.

From piloting options for beginners to advanced piloting modes for the more experienced - All players can race using their favorite techniques like oversteer skidding (Scandinavian flick), countersteer, Accelerate and brake alternation, handbrake skid and more. And to save your moments, the game also offers a photo mode, to show your friends your driving skills or to photograph the game's beautiful landscapes. And if it's to show something, how about being part of the world rank on the leaderboard of the daily and weekly challenges that the game has?


Even though Art of Rally looks a lot like games like Horizon Chase Turbo, Hotshot Racing and Retrowave, it has a very different take on, with a high difficulty and a beautiful work of art, that make the game indispensable for any retro racing lover.


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