Square Enix hints at the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Xbox Game Pass

The developer made a joke that left some fans with the flea behind the ear
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While it is true that the relationship between Square Enix and Microsoft was not the best at the beginning of the last generation with the Xbox One, however, little by little, we are seeing very positive gestures that indicate that something is changing. The truth is that Square has never hidden its predilection for collaborating with Sony, but seeing its biggest franchises coming to Xbox Game Pass - like Tomb Raider, Just Cause, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy - is something that is certainly a cause for joy.

Virtually all Final Fantasy have gone through the Xbox Game Pass, the same with Kingdom Hearts or even NiER Automata. New games on the horizon of Square are also announced for the Xbox and the only thing that has not yet reached the Microsoft console is the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

And we know that this game, at least the first chapter, has temporary exclusivity with PlayStation. An Xbox version was never officially spoken of, but everyone considered the PC version guaranteed (and it was actually announced); although the Xbox also seems like a logical option. The case is very similar to NiER, of course.

Today, the official account of Square Enix made a nod to the Xbox Game Pass account that can be interpreted as the arrival of the first episode of the Final Fantasy VII Remake to the service. Square quoted the Game Pass with a phrase that says something like: "Take my Cosmo Canyon Xbox Game Pass, we have to talk...".

Cosmo Canyon is a region of Final Fantasy VII. Some might claim that it is the remastered version of the 1997 game coming to Game Pass, but it is worth remembering that this title is already in the service catalog.

Of course, this does not guarantee anything or confirm the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake; but of course it's a tweet to say the least. We have to wait and see if the announcement that many fans are waiting for will finally be realized.

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