Gintama: THE FINAL has sold over 1 million tickets

The film surpasses 1.4 billion yen at the Japanese box office
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The film Gintama: THE FINAL is making a huge success in Japanese cinemas, the film has sold over 1 million tickets and grossed more than 1.4 billion yen, making the film an absolute success, despite restrictions due to the Corona virus.

On February 7, 2021, Gintama: THE FINAL sold 1,019,001 tickets, with a total of 1,415,817.11 yen. This is the movie for the highest grossing Gintama franchise.


In addition, it was revealed that anyone who sees the film from February 26 will receive a mini-poster, featuring Gintoki and his friends drinking (image above). A special performance was also revealed on YouTube on the Gintama channel in February, with the aim of "breaking the rules of Gintama", such as revealing Gintoki's true age.

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