"The Pedestrian" will be released on consoles in January

2.5D platform puzzle and challenges you to pass the obstacles spread through a dynamic and full of life.
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It was announced by the developers of Skookum Arts, that their game The Pedestrian, will be released for PlayStation 4 on January 29, and will also win versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch but has not yet confirmed the date.

The Pedestrian is a 2.5D platform game, with a side perspective but that at times challenged you to look at the "whole" of the environment to combine and reorganize the connections and thus advance through the scenarios, and challenges you to overcome the obstacles spread by an environment dynamic and full of life.


Go through varied scenarios, where the signs and signs scattered throughout the scene will be your area of operation, but to reach the next scenario, you will have to reorganize and reconnect the connections between cards to explore and advance in each one, thus being able to generate dozens of combinations possible.

But not only that, during the journey, you will have to solve problems such as opening doors, turning on lights and making complex connections, all with a beautiful setting and an immersive soundtrack.

Slide https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006951.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006950.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006949.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006948.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006947.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006952.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006953.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006954.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006955.jpg;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/7/the-pedestrian-006956.jpg

The Pedestrian is now available on Steam.

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