Striking Distance promises to deliver a Next-Gen Audio experience with The Callisto Protocol

Glen Schofield says the company is committed to bringing an absolute piece of Survival-Horror Sci-Fi
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Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space and Striking Distance Studios, traces the path followed by his development team to shape a title that, like The Callisto Protocol, was born with the ambition to become the scariest next generation game .

Interviewed by journalists from the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine, Dead Space's father and current studio leader of the Striking Distance team reflects on the potential of PS5 3D audio and confirms its authors' commitment to fully exploit its potential to increase the tension the immersion offered by his next survival horror:

"During the game you will be able to hear the dangers that come from all directions, you will notice their position and you will always feel that there is someone behind you or just above your head. With headphones, then, it will be a real madness play it! "

Thinking about the audio component of The Callisto Protocol, Schofield refers to Sony's commitment to designing the PS5 DualSense controller and, again in the UK's OPM speakers, he highlights how:

"We are still seeing how we can make everything work and how we will be able to find some tricks to make it even more scary. DualSense is one of those things that will help us a lot in the creative process that we are doing to make our next generation of terror of survival. "

As explained by Striking Distance Studios with the unveiling of The Callisto Protocol at TGA 2020, the launch of this ambitious Sci-Fi Survival-Horror is scheduled for 2022 on the PC and exclusively for next generation consoles, then on the Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

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