Manga Tejina Senpai will end in February

Author guarantees that work is not finishing because it was canceled and that it will have a comic tone as always
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The latest issue of Young Magazine by Kodansha revealed on Monday that the manga Tejina Senpai (Magical Sempai) will end in two chapters . If there are no delays, it will end in the edition of the magazine launched on February 1st.

The manga AZU creator of the work announced in June 2020 that the eighth volume of the manga would be the last, and will be released in March. He also assured readers at the time that the manga is not ending because it was canceled, adding that the ending will not be an emotional ending, but will remain as comical as ever.

The synopsis of the manga Tejina Senpai (Magical Sempai) says:

I met a beautiful sempai ... But very strange! She loves magic tricks, but is so afraid of the stage that she can never perform them ?! She dragged me to the Magic Club, named me her veteran, and also dragged Saki and Ma from the Street Artists Club, in addition to Madara from the Chemistry Club. Every day, sempai commits some resounding and even a little spicy failure! A comedy anime about tricks so bad it hurts just to see ... but you can't stop watching!

The manga AZU released Tejina Senpai (Magical Sempai) in Young Magazine in February 2016, and the seventh compiled volume was published in July 2020 The manga inspired an anime adaptation that aired in July 2019, featuring 12 episodes of 15 minutes each, being broadcast on Crunchyroll. The work also won a spinoff manga entitled Isekai Senpai: Tejina Senpai wa Kono Sekai by mo Ponkotsu na Yō Desu created by the manga Shotan.

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