Jason Hightower the voice of Jackie Welles says he would love to return to Night City in a future DLC

Jason believes that with the help of fans, Jackie can return to Night City
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The voice behind Jackie Welles, Jason Hightower, said he wouldn't mind returning as a "DLC upload" similar to Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 "if anyone wanted to".

Hightower, who plays V's street gangster friend in Cyberpunk 2077, recently appeared on the show, the ExBee Podcast, to discuss his personal voice acting, as well as his long-awaited role in the game, as well as his experiences of recording his lines for the role. .


"Listen, I don't want to be the one to ask for this" declared Hightower "We could upload a DLC for Jackie Welles if someone wanted" he refers to fans, "for those who want Jackie in their ears while doing missions" he laughed .

"You should be back as a radio host, so when we're driving through Night City, you can run a radio station," said Ray. Jason replied, in the voice of Jackie Welles, "This is Jackie Welles, 98.7" before they start laughing.

Jason Hightower also gave a lucky participant of the livestream a book "World of Cyberpunk 2077", made by Dark Horse, signed by himself. He said he "is giving back to those who support him"

The question was also asked "when you play Cyberpunk 2077, you will play as a Nomad, Streetkid or Corps", referring to the lifepaths that the player can select at the beginning of the game. "I have to say I would choose Streetkid" declared Hightower, before both hosts shouted "Yes!"

Anyone out there who would like to see the incredible Jason Hightower return as Night City's most beloved Streetkid?

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